Tāla Tarang – A New Duo

Our fabulous, award winning, Eleanor Turner – one of the best harpists of her generation has recently teamed up with percussionist Mendi Mohinder Singh to form duo, Tāla Tarang.

Mendi Mohinder Singh, one of the UK’s most celebrated tabla specialists today has collaborated with artists such as Pundit Shalil Shankar, Peter Gabriel, Darius Brubeck, Anand Shankar, Akram Khan, Courtney Pine as well as playing on the ‘Take That: Wonderland’ tour in 2017. In 2015 he composed and performed the world’s first Tabla Trang Concerto.

Live Concert – Tues 5th March

Tāla Tarang will be playing for free at Birmingham Symphony Hall next Tuesday, 5th of March 2019 at 5.00pm.

To book tickets click here… http://www.thsh.co.uk/event/mendi-singh-and-eleanor-turner

What is Tāla Tarang?

Tāla Tarang, which means ‘rhythm waves’ is aptly named as it sums up everything about this duo and their music as each concert takes the audience and the artists on a journey – like the oscillations of a wave.

Eleanor met Mendi in 2014 after hearing him at a concert at Lincoln Drill Hall. Since then, their friendship has grown through, not only their shared love of music, but their passion for food, travelling and philosophising about family and life-changing events. All of these shared experiences have influenced their original compositions.

The duo are planning to record an album and are also currently booking in tour dates. Please contact us if you are interested in staging a performance at your venue or festival. Tāla Tarange can also be booked for private events such as weddings and corporate parties.

A thoroughly versatile musician and a one-of-a-kind performer, Eleanor’s repertoire ranges from solo engagements to folk music and from harp and flute duos to Caribbean music and harp ensembles.